Accounts Payable Questions

1. Where should invoices be sent?

Departments and vendors should send invoices via email to:

2. What is the difference between Scholarships, Fellowships, Prizes & Awards, and Stipends?

For information on these types of monetary awards, visit our Guidelines for Student Award Payments page.

3. When should I use a check request?

There are many uses for check requests. Read our check request page to learn when to process a check request and find which supporting documentation is required.

4. Are reimbursements processed through my paycheck taxed?

No, there is no tax implication at all.

5. When do I use the Honoraria form?

You can use the Honoraria Form for non-employee visiting lecturer fees. You can find the form in RU Marketplace, accessible through myRutgers Portal.

6. How do I apply for a UPS CampusShip account?

Send an email to and include your name, department, full street address with room/suite number, 10-digit phone number, and 10-digital fax number.

7. Who do I contact to get my CampusShip password reset?

Send an email to

8. How do I complete a UPS Airbill so that I am billed correctly?

The Reference Number field is required and should contain your Index Number.