The Contract Process

If your department, school, or unit needs University Procurement Services to process a contract or lease, you must allow us 60 days to do so. (Please note that this policy does not apply to real estate contracts or leases.)

Here's why:

Sometimes the negotiating process is quick. Often times, it is not.  

Supplier contracts often contain terms and conditions that are inconsistent with or contrary to Rutgers' legal and business terms and conditions. In these instances, we will negotiate with the supplier to arrive at a contract that

  • is consistent,
  • aligns with Rutgers' terms and conditions, and
  • serves and protects Rutgers’ interests

Many times, the process of negotiating contracts requires input from other Rutgers departments, such as the

Thus, to assure timely processing of purchase orders and to assure that supplier performance will begin when needed, all contracts have to be submitted at least 60 days before the contract start date to allow us sufficient time to review and negotiate.

To gain a better understanding of the process associated with contract review and negotiations, please see the contract review overview.

To help the procurement process move more smoothly, submit supplier contracts at the start when you make your requistion in RU Marketplace. 

Learn the types of contracts at the University and the process for each type.

Remember, no supplier can begin work or deliver goods until 

  • both Rutgers and the supplier have executed the contract, and
  • we have issued a purchase order