Ordering from Amazon

While Rutgers has a business account with Amazon, you should first go on RU Marketplace and use a contracted vendor if possible. Use Amazon only when they offer more favorable pricing or when you can't find a vendor on RU Marketplace for the goods you need. 

Supplier: Amazon.com Credit Plan

Atlanta 0-1
P.O. Box 530958
Atlanta, GA 30353-0958

Setting Up an Amazon Account

Set up is a simple process:

  1. Contact William Rugg to obtain an invitation to join the Amazon business account. (You must first “deregister” your existing Amazon account, if you currently have one.)
  2. Once you receive the invitation from Amazon, a link will take you to the Amazon Business website where you follow the steps to open up a new business account.
  3. With your new account, shop as you normally would, adding items to your cart, etc.
  4. Once you have items in your cart for purchase, pause and leave the Amazon cart and go to RU Marketplace to follow the requistion steps you normally would to obtain a quick order.
  5. Enter that purchase order number when you return to the check out step-through screens on Amazon. Doing this is essential for our Accounts Payable department to process the invoice. Your order won't go through without a valid purchase order number.
  6. When the final payment screen comes up, enter our 16 digit line-of-credit number (Account #: 6045787810474706) in the credit card number box and put Rutgers University as the account holder name. The expiration date on the line of credit will always be the present month and year. For example: October 2016 orders will be 10/16 for the expiration date.

You can use your preferred address for deliveries. For the billing address, enter:

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Accounts Payable
33 Knightsbridge Road
1st Floor, East Wing
Piscataway, NJ, 08854

Have an Old Amazon Account?

If you already have an account with Amazon with your Rutgers email, you will need to deregister that account before setting up a new business-to-business account.

  • First, before you deregister, we recommend you log into your account and download an order history report for the past six to 12 months. This precaution can help ensure you have an accurate record of that information in case the move to a new account impacts that record.
  • Then, follow Amazon's deregistration instructions.
  • Once the account has been deregistered, use that email to set up a new account.