Vehicles, Lease or Purchase

Leases or purchases of new and used light duty vehicles, or nonemergency, on-road vehicles weighing 8,500 lbs. or less, must comply with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel Transportation Program and be capable of operating on alternative fuels. Alternative fuel vehicles are typically called “flex fuel” or “dual fuel” in the industry and will accommodate either gasoline and/or an alternative fuel.

Rutgers does not consider hybrid electric vehicles alternative fuel vehicles under this program.

How to Lease or Purchase Light Duty Vehicles

  1. Select a vehicle model based on your departmental need by fuel type, manufacturer, and class—keep in mind that hybrid electric vehicles are not acceptable under our standard compliance. 
  2. Fill out the Vehicle Purchase Form (DOC) and contact the appropriate purchasing representative.
  3. A Senior Category Analyst listed below will obtain quotes and assist you in the vehicle purchase process (PDF).

Rutgers–New Brunswick

Dennis Fountain


Ida Angelone


Chris Aha

For questions regarding Rutgers' compliance with the Alternative Fuel Transportation Program, please contact Wes Coleman at 848-932-2916.