Google AdWords

Supplier: Google AdWords

Contract Term: No expiration

Rutgers has established a direct bill relationship with Google AdWords to help departments that use this advertising medium set up and pay for services. Pricing is based on the number of words.

Before Placing Ads with Google AdWords

Departments that choose to use Google AdWords must comply with Rutgers advertising policy, which requires that you submit each advertisement for approval through the ad review process PRIOR to being placed on Google AdWords.

Set Up a Google AdWords Account

  1. Go to and click the 'Start Now' button.
  2. Complete the account creation process up until it asks for billing information. Do not enter billing information. Write down the 10-digit Customer ID number (found in the left hand corner of the account page).
  3. Create a Blanket Purchase Order in RU Marketplace for Google and include the following information:
    • In the line item description, put “Account charges for Google AdWords for (name of your department) for the period 7/1/XX – 6/30/XX for customer number (10-digit customer ID)”
    • In the Note to Buyer section, provide the name, email, and phone number of the individual managing the Google AdWords account. This person will be contacted to finalize the account setup.
    • Note: The Blanket Purchase Order must be for an amount that will cover all anticipated charges for the fiscal year. If the Blanket Purchase Order runs out of funds and an invoice is pending, all efforts will be made to notify the department to supplement the order with additional funds. However, Accounts Payable may charge against the Blanket Purchase Order even if the funds are not available. It is your department’s responsibility to monitor the balance of your Blanket Purchase Order and to ensure there are adequate funds available at all times.
  4. Your department will be allowed to supplement the Google Adwords Blanket Purchase Orders annually to update for the new fiscal year.
  5. When we receive your requisition, Dennis DeMarino will request access to manage the account in Google. The individual managing your department’s account will receive an email notification from Google.
  6. Log in to your Google account and look for a message that says “Rutgers University requests access to your account” and accept the invitation by visiting "My Account" > "Account Access" and clicking "Accept Invitation". Email Dennis to let him know that you have completed this step.
  7. Gail will complete the set up process in Google and approve the Blanket Order. Once the Blanket Purchase Order is approved, your department may start using Google AdWords.