Professional Services

A professional service provider is an independent contractor or company that provides infrequent, technical, or specialized services to Rutgers.

If you need to engage the services of a professional service provider, for example a medical coder, photographer, or market researcher, you need to complete certain documents.

To engage an IT professional, please work with our Information Technology purchasing team. You may be required to fill out one or more of these forms to engage a service provider:

You can download these documents, complete them electronically, and upload them to RU Marketplace to attach with your initial requisition order.

Please be mindful that in order to ensure timely processing of purchase orders, and to ensure that supplier performance will begin when needed, all contracts have to be submitted at least 60 days before the contract start date to allow us sufficient time to review and negotiate.


Professional Services Provider MATRIX

Type of Professional Service Provider

Requisition Type

Required Documents
Accountant (Auditing related services) Contact Controller N/A
Advertising Agencies Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
All media (i.e., Actor, Performer, Musician, Announcer, Speaker-Talent Agency/ Booking Agent; (Entertainment))    Check Request Performance Agreement
Speaking Engagements by Guest Lecturers (Educational, one-time and under $5,000) Purchase Order ICED, SOW
Appraisal Services Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Architect Contact Facilities N/A
Art Conservator/ Curator Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Auditior (Financial) Contact Controller N/A
Construction Project Management Contact Facilities N/A
Curriculum Developer Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Engineer  Contact Facilities N/A
Environmental Consultants Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Event/Meeting Planner Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Financial Adviser Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Graphic Designer Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
IT Services (i.e., database analysis/management) Purchase Order ICED, ITPSPA
IT Services (i.e., network administration, network development) Purchase Order ICED, ITPSPA
IT Services (i.e., programming, software development) Purchase Order ICED, ITPSPA
IT Services (i.e., telecom design and administration) Purchase Order ICED, ITPSPA
IT Services (i.e., web design, development, administration and hosting) Purchase Order ICED, ITPSPA
Landscape Designer Architect Contact Facilities N/A
Lawyer or Legal Support Services Contact Office of General Counsel N/A
Medical Support Services (i.e., Coder, Data Analysis, Transcriber, etc.) Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Management/Business Consultant Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Marketing Services (i.e., Public Relations, Marketing Surveys, etc.) Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Patent Search Services (i.e., Licensing) Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Photographer/Videographer Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Production Services (i.e., Theatrical, Musical, Film-making, Boom Operator, Camera, Grip, Lighting, Voice-over, Video/Media, etc.) Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Professional Development Training Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Search Firm (i.e., Executive/Professional) Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Social Workers Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Staffing Services (Temporary) Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Talent Agency (booking agent) Check Request Performance Agreement
Temporary Employment Services (i.e., Locum Tenens, Physicians, Nurse, Technicians, etc.) Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Therapist (i.e., massage, speech, occupational, behavioral) Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Translation Services Purchase Order ICED, PSPA
Writer or Author Purchase Order ICED, PSPA

Other Professional Services

Not all professional services are handled by University Procurement Services.