Changes To RU Marketplace Roles

Posted: Monday, September 16, 2019
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Dear Colleagues,

A recent review of the active roles in RU Marketplace has highlighted areas for operational improvements, including a review and cleanup of current users, enhanced training, and proactive management of the approval workflows.

During the next several weeks, we will initiate the following changes:

  • Existing users with “Inquirer Role”
    • This role will be assigned to people who require the role to perform their duties.
    • Anyone with this role will be required to complete Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training on an annual basis. This applies to people who are not currently subject to the annual HIPPA certification.
  • New users – Training will be a requirement for RU Marketplace onboarding.
  • Casual Users – Refresher training will be offered to people who request it and recommended for people who submit repeat tickets to the help desk on similar topics.
  • Non-users – People who have not accessed the system for more than one year will be deactivated.

University Procurement Services will contact impacted users to provide  training information or opt-out instructions to deactivate access to RU Marketplace.

Additional information is available on

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