Adding an Ad Hoc Address for Punch-out Suppliers

Posted: Thursday, July 2, 2020
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While Rutgers staff are working remotely during this COVID-19 crisis, University Procurement Services will allow delivery of shipments from some Punch-out suppliers to non-Rutgers (staff’s home) addresses. The list of allowed Punch-out suppliers available to be sent to non-Rutgers addresses are:

  • B & H Foto & Electronics Corp
  • CDW Government LLC
  • Dell
  • Gov Connection
  • Office Depot
  • SHI International Corp

 For Instructions for Home Deliveries, click on the following Link.
Instructions for Home Deliveries

  • Use the Goods Request Form in “Forms”. Do not use the Punch-out tiles in RU Marketplace.

  • Must create a multi-line Purchase Order if ordering more than one catalog item
  • Use the Ad Hoc address option to change the Rutgers “Ship-To” address to a home address.
  • Enter the home address in the external notes section of the requisition.

Included with this communication is the step-by-step job aid for home delivery from these Punch-outs.
Department Approvers
When approving Punch-out requisitions created on a Goods Request Form, add the following comment to the comments tab: “I acknowledge and approve the home shipment”.
If you have questions, please contact the Procurement Help Desk and visit the University Procurement Services website for additional COVID-19 procurement related details.