Reduced Pricing for Essential Supplies

Posted: Friday, June 3, 2022
Category: Featured, Purchasing

Procurement is pleased to share that the pricing has been reduced on the items* found within the RU Marketplace, IP&O Essential Supplies catalog.  As a friendly reminder, these items were purchased at the height of the pandemic to ensure Rutgers had the necessary items to remain protected.  Since this original purchase time, the pricing on these items have returned to pre-COVID pricing, therefore the pricing within this RU Marketplace catalog has been also reduced.

Kindly purchase through this IP&O Essential Supplies catalog before placing a new order with a supplier for any of these items.  These items are available on campus for immediate use. 

* Items include;  nitrile gloves, disposable isolation gowns, face shields, wet surface wipes (approved for clinical use), hand sanitizer bottles, dust masks, surgical 3 ply masks and Halyard N95 respirators. 


Item Packaging Size  2022 Price Quantity (each) on hand as of April 1, 2022
Nitrile Gloves

500 pairs/case


Disposable Isolation Gowns 100/case $122.58 1,500,000 
N95 Respirators 210/case $124.73 370,000 
Dust Masks 1,000/case $92.92 180,000
Hand Sanitizer Bottles 12 eight ounce bottles/case No price change needed 107,000
3-ply surgical masks 500/box $46.46 45,000
Face Shields 500/case $386.92 32,000
Wet Surface Wipes (clinical use) 400 wipes/bucket No price change needed 13,000