New Catalog Suppliers added to Labviva RU Marketplace, RotaPrep and ECM Biosciences

Posted: Monday, April 25, 2022
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RotaPrep provides cost-effective alternatives for lysis, homogenization and grinding of the most difficult and hard samples such as: spores, gram positive bacteria, seeds, bones, tumor tissues, soil, feces and others. Customers will save on average between 30-70% when compared with the traditional sources. In addition to pre-filled tubes and bulk lysing matrices, we bring the world’s fastest handheld homogenizer, Monolyser.

ECM Biosciences has 25+ years’ experience in antibody manufacturing, distribution, and sales. Our novel, high quality products are useful tools for studies of cancers, immune dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, and brain disorders. 
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Posted 4/25/22