Consoldius Punchout Live

Posted: Wednesday, July 1, 2020
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The new swag portal is available starting today! You can access this new, easy and streamlined process for ordering Rutgers branded merchandise, including branded face masks, by visiting or through the Branded Swag by Consolidus punchout tile found in RU Marketplace. Please find the attached quick guide for guidance on how to use the portal.
A major justification for this project was to streamline options so that the university can benefit from volume discounts as we consolidate our spending in this category. Therefore, we have reduced the number of vendors that are licensed to produce branded promotional items and apparel for Rutgers. This means that some of the vendors you might have used in the past may no longer be licensed to produce Rutgers branded merchandise. We are confident that Consolidus, our primary licensed vendor who is hosting the new swag portal, will offer great pricing, design support and customer service to the Rutgers community. Additionally, we have been mindful to retain vendors who offer specialty merchandise and services, as well as well as vendors that operate in our local host communities. Please email if you need to contact these additional licensees. Orders using these vendors will follow the standard UCM approval and Procurement requisition and quoting processes. Additionally, starting July 1, 2020 Rutgers branded merchandise purchased internally will incur a small royalty fee. This will be applied to orders placed with any licensed vendor.

Posted 7/1/20