New Non-Purchase Order Process Simplifies Payment

Posted: Monday, April 9, 2018
Category: Resources, Purchasing

April 2018

Dear Rutgers Colleagues,

In response to campus feedback over the past several months, University Procurement Services is implementing a process that allows units to track non-purchase order (non-PO) submissions in RU Marketplace, effective Monday, April 9. This change is a part of University Procurement Services’ larger effort of continuous improvement.

The non-PO upload process to submit and track submissions for payment will make it easier to submit a payment request for multiple individuals at once. This process will be used for:

  • Human subject payments/direct disbursements to Principal Investigators
  • Non-employee refunds • Non-qualifying scholarships (formerly stipends) *
  • Patient refunds • Petty cash • Royalties*
  • Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant (TA/GA) awards

*Non-qualifying scholarships for fewer than 50 recipients, and royalties for non-employees should be paid by issuing a check request.

How It Works

Log on to RU Marketplace and complete a non-PO Upload Request Form using the Instructions for Non-PO Upload Requests. Submit the form, along with the required documentation listed on the University Procurement Services website. Accounts Payable will update the requisition status as it moves through the process. The status of the requisition can be checked by looking up the requisition number in RU Marketplace. Status emails will also be received, if the RU Marketplace account is set to receive emails.

Important Changes

  • “Stipend” has been redefined as a “non-qualifying scholarship” that is an expense such as room, board, travel (i.e., conference attendance), research (i.e., thesis research) living allowance for non-employees, or expenses other than qualified tuition and fees, that can be issued in periodic payments. This may include certain types of fellowships. Examples of fellowships may include: undergraduate summer research grants, honors program grants, or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) grants. A non-qualifying scholarship payment shall not be in exchange for services or jobs.
  • Non-travel or business expense refunds for non-employees will be processed via the non-PO upload. If you have any questions, please contact the University Procurement Services help desk at or (848) 932-4375.


Thank you.

Nimish Patel, Associate Vice President – Procurement, and Chief Procurement Officer
University Procurement Services