Enterprise and National Car Rental

Rental car reservations for approved business/Rutgers-related travel should be booked with Enterprise or National Car Rental using the Rutgers Travel Online Booking Tool, or by contacting Direct Travel, the Rutgers-approved travel agency via email or phone.

Additional Information for Business-Use Rentals:

  • Rates and discounts are available for university-authorized use only
  • Intermediate car or lower without Dean approval
  • Business-use rentals include Damage Waiver and Liability coverage
  • 15-passenger vans are not allowed per university policy.
  • 12-passenger vans require drivers to be 25 years old or older.
  • All reservations must be paid with a credit card and submitted for reimbursement via the online expense management system. No purchase orders will be accepted.

Note: Due to limited inventory, 12-passenger vans may not be available through the Online Booking Tool or travel agency. Please reach out to RUTravel@finance.rutgers.edu for booking assistance.

Discounted Rates for Personal Use:

Enterprise and National Car Rental have offered discounted rates to Rutgers employees for personal use. Follow the instructions below to book a rental for personal travel:

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car:
    • Access the Enterprise website
    • Enter your Location and Dates
    • Enter XZ24RPU in the Account Number or Promotion Code section
    • Click Check Availability
  • National Car Rental:
    • Access the National website
    • Enter your Location and Dates
    • Enter XZ24RPU in the Account Number section
    • Click Check Availability

Note: These rates are not inclusive of insurance coverage