Create a Contract or Agreement

Contract types

Prior to good or service purchase, there are times when entering into a contract with a vendor is necessary. In some cases, the vendor requires a contract.  In other cases,  the University requires a contract  for the particular good or service being purchased.  

The following situations require a contract.

Contract Request

Rutgers encourages units to use the University's Terms and Conditions whenever possible. If the supplier requests that a separate contract be signed, units must do the following:

  1. Follow the "Make a Purchase" process.
  2. Review the contract for business terms and conditions (deliverables, costs, rates etc.).
  3. Submit the contract in RU Marketplace for review, along with either the Goods Request Form or Service Request Form.
  4. Send to University Procurement Services. Allow 60 days for Procurement Services to review and negotiate.

Statement of Work (SOW)

For all service-based engagements, units must:

  1. Complete the Statement of Work.
  2. If a supplier does not accept the Rutgers Statement of Work and wants Rutgers to sign their quote or agreement, do not sign the agreement. Contact University Procurement Services for guidance. 
  3. Submit a Service Request Form with a completed Statement of Work, Rutgers' Terms and Conditions and any additional information as an external attachment. Submission will generate a requisition.
  4. Wait for necessary approvals.

Units can contact University Procurement Services Help Desk with any questions.

Service Agreement (SA) or Master Service Agreement (MSA)

Contracts that result from an RFP (purchases of $150,000 or greater) are negotiated through University Procurement Services.

  • Service Agreements: A unit-specific purchase of goods or services, with a defined Statement of Work (SOW), including a Price Schedule.
  • Master Service Agreement: a University-wide engagement with one supplier.  The University enters into this contract when the unit repetitively purchases goods or services from the same supplier(s). 
    ​The agreement may include:
    1. A defined Statement of Work (SOW);
    2. a Price Schedule (e.g. copiers, office supplies, lab supplies etc.);
    3. Terms and Conditions 

Units with purchases of $150,000 or greater, or units who are interested in the above agreements should Initiate an RFP or contact University Procurement Services Help Desk for guidance.