University Procurement Services Initiatives

We have several ongoing initiatives to streamline operations and increase customer service for our end users and suppliers.
The below are a few of these initiatives:

Converting Suppliers to Electronic Payments

We are partnering with Bank of America to convert applicable suppliers to electronic payment methods.  If a supplier fits the profile, they may be contacted by Bank of America on Rutgers’ behalf to offer them the opportunity to be paid electronically.  This initiative allows us to pay suppliers faster with improved payment terms and more efficiently (no possibility of lost checks).  

Payment Audit:

Accounts Payable has engaged the services of Auditec Solutions to review our supplier accounts for any over payments or credits owed to the University.  Suppliers will be contacted by Auditec directly on behalf of Rutgers requesting information regarding the aforementioned issues.  If any credits are owed, Accounts Payable will credit the applicable unit.

Processing of Invoices and Statements:

Accounts Payable engaged a third party, EDM, to administer our mail (invoices and statements).  For the past year, we have encouraged our suppliers to send their invoices to  This allows us to process payments much faster. 
Suppliers unable to email, can now mail their invoices and statements to:

Rutgers University
PO Box 3207
Scranton, PA 18505

Please contact for assistance with any of these initiatives if there are questions.