Process an Employee Relocation Reimbursement

An employee relocation typically takes place when the University hires new faculty and staff from other locations.  

For general relocation questions, contact your human resources representative.   

For questions about qualified and non-qualified expenses, contact Tax Services for additional guidance​.

The following steps provide the process for expensing an employee relocation:

1. Read the Employee Relocation Policy 60.1.6.

2. Know which moving expense reimbursements are considered qualified and non-qualified by referring to section G of the Employee Relocation Policy 60.1.6.  Contact Tax Services for additional guidance.

3a. Qualified expense reimbursements (paid by the employee):  submit the expense report in Oracle Expense Management, accessible through the myRutgers Portal.  Consult the Enter and Submit Expense Reports and the​ How to Create Expense Reports job aids for assistance. ​      

3b. Qualified expenses (paid by the department): follow the Make a Purchase process to issue purchase orders (hire a moving company).  

3c. Non-qualified expense reimbursements: complete the Taxable Moving Expense Reimbursement Form.  Submit to the Office of Payroll Services.  


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