Adding A New Supplier?

At Rutgers, we have tens of thousands of suppliers are already available for purchasing goods and services in a wide range of commodity categories.  To support discretionary spending, sourcing strategies, and tail spend control, please evaluate the necessary, appropriate, and reasonable discretionary spending framework before inviting a new supplier.

Evaluate whether it is necessary, appropriate, and reasonable to invite a new supplier based on the following:

Examples of commodity categories with existing universitywide contracts:

  • Computers, IT and electronics, hardware with B&H Foto, CDW, Dell, SHI, GovConnection, and MRA International
  • Copiers, Printers, Multi-function Devices with Ricoh
  • Lab, research, medical/dental supplies equipment with VWR
  • Office supplies with Office Depot
  • Promotional items with Consolidus
  • Water with DS Services

Discuss payment and invoicing best practices with the new supplier prior to invitation and registration.

  • Electronic Payment Method Job Aid
  • Electronic Invoicing Method Job Aid

After all options have been explored, please invite the supplier through PaymentWorks Invitation.

We encourage you to view our Supplier Onboarding and Maintenance FAQs and job aids available through Canvas. Training will cover inviting suppliers, checking supplier onboarding statuses, and searching for suppliers in PaymentWorks.

If you have technical issues with PaymentWorks, contact the PaymentWorks Help Desk at