Invoice Processing

Invoices submitted by suppliers are matched with the approved purchase orders generated from the RU Marketplace system, and then paid. Invoices with a valid University purchase order are only accepted through email. Paper invoices will not be accepted.

Invoices submitted to must have the following:

  1. Reference a valid Rutgers University purchase order. Invoices submitted without a valid purchase order will not be processed.
  2. Be billed to Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
  3. Have a unique invoice number and invoice date. Duplicate invoice numbers will not be accepted.
  4. Rutgers ordering and ship-to contact information.
  5. If taxable and non-taxable items are included on same invoice, separate the total taxable and total non-taxable amounts (preferred).
  6. Single email attachments (preferred).

File must be one of the following file types: .PDF, .DOC/.DOCX, .TIF/.TIFF or .JPEG/.JPG.

Please do not send inquires or duplicate invoices to This is an invoice processing address that does not respond to email inquiries.

Units, be sure to:

  • Have enough funds on the purchase order
  • Complete a purchase order before the supplier delivers the good or service
  • Receive the good or service before the supplier sends AP an invoice
  • Remind the supplier to send invoices directly to AP
  • Respond to our request to review invoices via Comments


Rutgers University standard payment terms are dependent on the payment method and are from the invoice date, unless the supplier has a signed contract with different terms. Any exception(s) to these terms must be reviewed and approved by Procurement. Requests must come from a Rutgers unit head, and not the supplier.