Non-Contracted Suppliers

The regulation exempts law enforcement vehicles, emergency response vehicles, and experimental vehiclesIf the supplier needed is not listed in Find Products and Services search, a University-wide contract may not be in place.  Non-contracted supplier purchases require more time and documentation, and are not the preferred method at the University.

All purchases must be requested through a Goods or Service Request Form in RU Marketplace, or a Quick Order * if applicable. Prior to completing a requisition, the following forms and quotes are required as external attachments based on purchase price:

*May purchase through a Quick Order. Restrictions may apply.


Special Considerations

Some commodities require special processes and additional documentation. You should also determine if a contract is needed for your purchase.


All Rutgers advertising must comply with University Communications and Marketing ad review process and general guidelines. Ads will be reviewed and approved in advance of placement through this ad review process with the exception of:

  • Job postings
  • Legal notices
  • Classified Advertisements in campus media
  • Institutional Review Board-approved advertising

Google AdWords

Rutgers has established a direct bill relationship with Google AdWords to help units that use this advertising medium set up and pay for services. Pricing is based on the number of words.

Ordering from Amazon

While Rutgers has a business account with Amazon,  it is not a contracted supplier. Amazon should only be used if the good is not available or or the price is better than that of a university-wide contracted supplier. 

Supplier: Credit Plan LLC
P.O. Box 530958
Atlanta, GA 30353-0958

Setting Up an Amazon Business Account:

  1. Before making any purchases on, you must first be invited to join the Amazon Business and Line of Credit platform.  In order to get an initiation to join, please do the following:
    • Go to Marketplace profile and find out what email address is associated with your name.
    • Send an email to Maryse Bloom at requesting an initiation to Amazon and include your Marketplace email address in the body of the email
    • Wait for your invitation to Amazon.
  2. Once you receive your invitation, click on the link provided.  It will take you to an account set up screen.
  3. Enter your full name (First Name Last Name ONLY) in the account name field and choose a password.  DO NOT USE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, NICKNAME, OR ANYTHING OTHER THAN FIRST NAME LAST NAME.  The format should be Jane Doe, not jane doe, or JANE DOE.
  4. If a previous email account exists with Amazon and you want to use that same email account on the Business platform, please go to step 6, if not, proceed to step 5.
  5. Once the new account is set up, follow the “Order Process” instructions listed below.
  6. Instructions to unregister existing account:
    • Log into your account and download an order history report for the past 12 months as a precaution in case there is any impact on your past order history resulting from the account move.
    • Click on the following link to unregister your existing account (it will not remove any information on the account, simply the Amazon B2B account tag):

Order Process:

  1. Log into your Amazon account to select your purchases and place them in your cart.
  2. Save a pdf version of your shopping cart webpage.
  3. Log into Marketplace and choose supplier Amazon Credit Plan, LLC, PO Box 530958, Atlanta, GA 30353-0958 to process a requisition for the exact dollar amount of the item(s) you are purchasing from Amazon.
  4. Attach the previously created pdf version to one of the internal links of the requisition.
  5. Once you have the PO number, proceed to the Amazon website to finalize your purchase.  Proceed to checkout and under the “Business Order Information” page, enter the PO number you just obtained via Marketplace.  You MUST enter the six-digit PO # in the “Purchase Order (PO) Number” box, not a requisition number or any other type of information,as this is essential for our accounts payable department on the invoicing side.
  6. In the next screen entitled, “Select a shipping address” please enter your preferred shipping address for deliveries and please make sure to uncheck the Saturday and Sunday options if someone is not available to accept deliveries on the weekends.
  7. At the “Select a payment method” screen, please enter Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in the “Name on card” box and enter the credit card number in the "Card number" box. 
  8. In the “Choose a billing address” screen, please enter the following address exactly as below:
    • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
      PO Box 2686
      Accounts Payable
      New Brunswick, NJ 08903
  9. At the next screen, please review your order and place your order if all the information is correct.


Professional and Business Services

If you need to engage the services of a professional service provider or business service provider, you should refer to the Professional/Business Services Matrix to ensure the correct method of order placement. Most service orders must be placed via purchase order.

Professional Services include:

  • Consulting
  • Photographer
  • Market Researcher

Business Services include:

  • Advertising
  • Travel
  • Hotel and Conference Services

You may be required to complete one or more of these forms to engage a service provider:

You may be required to complete the following form if Protected Health Information (PHI) are shared:

You must download these documents, complete them electronically, upload them to RU Marketplace and attach them to the initial requisition order. Please be mindful that in order to ensure timely processing of purchase orders, and to ensure that supplier performance will begin when needed, all contracts must be submitted at least 60 days before the contract start date to allow sufficient time to review the order and negotiate, if necessary.


If you wish to purchase facilities items, you should contact University Procurement Services Help Desk. You can alternatively contact University Facilities and Capital Planning for guidance with the buying process.

Facilities services include:

  • Appraisal services
  • Building materials
  • Carpeting and flooring
  • Cell phones
  • Construction and renovations
  • Construction trades (i.e. electricians, masons, and plumbers)
  • Dining equipment, services and supplies
  • Furniture, classroom, lab, office and residential
  • Maintenance, repair and operation supplies (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.)
  • Vehicles, lease or purchase
  • Window treatments


IT Goods or Services

If you wish to purchase non-contracted IT goods or services, you should contact University Procurement Services Help Desk for guidance with the buying process.

IT services and goods include:

  • PC
  • Telecom Fiber Optic
  • Software Subscriptions
  • Hardware

When purchasing IT goods and services, additional documents are required:

When engaging with IT consultants, the following forms are required:

Research and Scientific Goods and Services

If you wish to purchase non-contracted research and scientific goods or services, you should contact University Procurement Services for guidance with the buying process.

Research and scientific goods and services include:

  • Clinical laboratory testing services
  • Lab equipment and supplies
  • Laboratory services
  • DNA/Oligo/Peptide synthesis and sequencing services
  • Dry ice
  • Histology services

When purchasing research and scientific goods and services with an IT component, additional documents are required:

When engaging with research and scientific consultants, the following forms are required:

Vehicles, Leasing or Purchasing

To lease or purchase a vehicle, please contact:

Rutgers - New Brunswick
Dennis Fountain

Rutgers - Newark
Ida Angelone

Rutgers - Camden
Chris Aha

U.S. Department of Energy's Alternative Fuel Transportation Program 
The Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) requires that 75% of the University’s light duty vehicle acquisitions shall be alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs).

  • A light duty vehicle is a vehicle under 8500 lbs gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR)
  • An alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) is a vehicle that is capable of operating on a fuel other than gasoline or diesel, such as: 85% ethanol (E85), compressed natural gas (CNG), hydrogen, or electricity
  • The regulation exempts law enforcement vehicles, emergency response vehicles, and experimental vehicles

In your search for vehicles, you may refer to the DOE’s database of hybrids and federally-recognized AFVs. 

For questions regarding Rutgers' compliance with the Alternative Fuel Transportation Program, please contact Wes Coleman.