Become a Supplier

Although there is no formal pathway to becoming a supplier to Rutgers, those interested in doing business should contact the units, as many suppliers enter the system when they respond to the requests for proposals that are unit-generated.

Supplier Registration

In order for Rutgers to order and pay for goods or services, a supplier must be registered in our procurement system.


Effective September 16, 2019, all new suppliers must be invited to register by the Rutgers community through the PaymentWorks portal.  PaymentWorks is a portal used by suppliers to register their business and provide the required documents the University needs to set up suppliers in the system.

PaymentWorks streamlines our supplier onboarding process by:

  • Including the details required for doing business with Rutgers
  • Reducing the occurrence of duplicate supplier records
  • Providing new supplier registration status tracking
  • Enabling suppliers to submit and update information and supporting documentation

Existing suppliers will be invited to register over the next several months but this will not preclude conducting business prior to registration through PaymentWorks.

We encourage you to view our Supplier Onboarding and Maintenance FAQs, and job aids available through Canvas. Training will cover inviting suppliers, checking supplier onboarding statuses, and searching for suppliers in PaymentWorks.

If you have technical issues with PaymentWorks, contact the PaymentWorks Help Center - Links:


Documents or declarations needed for supplier registration: