Procedures Manual

We manage a diverse selection of goods and services used by Rutgers University, and establish and handle all supplier relationships and associated processes with the University, including sourcing, contracting, placing orders, shipping, receiving, invoicing and payments.

The University Procurement Services Procedures Manual is a compilation of process and procedures related to Procurement, Accounts Payable and Expense Management.

The Manual includes:

1.0   Procure-to-Pay/Oracle Expense Management

  • Accessing RU Marketplace
  • RU Marketplace Training
  • Accessing Oracle Financial Management System
  • Oracle Expense Training
View Procure-to-Pay/Oracle Expense Management (PDF)

2.0   Supplier Management

  • New Supplier Set Up
  • Supplier Record Maintenance
  • Prospective Suppliers
  • Supplier Ethics
  • Debarred Supplier List
  • Supplier Diversity Program
  • Federal Contracting and the Small Business Contracting Plan (SBSP)
  • Supplier Management Post Contract Award

View Supplier Management (PDF)

3.0   Sourcing

  • Sourcing Order of Preference
  • Sourcing Methods (Supplier Selection)
  • Formal Bid Process
  • Waiver of Bid Process
  • Additional Required Documents
  • Other Approvals/Notification Needed Federally Funded Sourcing Sustainability

View Sourcing (PDF)

4.0   Contract Management

  • Contract Types
  • Contract Creation and Total Contract Manager Setup
  • Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Contract Execution and Total Contract Manager
  • Activation Contract Management/Tracking of Deliverables
  • Contract Amendments
  • End of Contract Options

View Contract Management (PDF)

5.0   Ordering Goods and Services

  • Purchase of Goods or Services
  • Alternate Transactions
  • Change Orders

View Ordering Goods and Services (PDF)

6.0   Shipping and Receiving

  • Shipping
  • Receiving Goods and Services Mail Services

View Shipping and Receiving (PDF)

7.0   Invoicing

  • Invoice Intake
  • Invoices with Special Considerations
  • Approved and Completed Invoices

View Invoicing (PDF)

8.0   Payments

  • Methods of Payment
  • Non-Purchase Order (PO) Upload Requests Change in Payment Terms
  • Miscellaneous Transactions Utilities
  • Direct to Oracle Feeds Taxes

View Payments (PDF)

9.0   Records Maintenance

  • Record Retention
  • Open Public Records Act Audits
  • Special Reports

View Records Maintenance (PDF)

10.0  Ethical Conduct

  • Confidentiality Conflicts of Interest
  • Prohibition of Gifts from Suppliers Unauthorized Purchases Debarred Supplier List

View Ethical Conduct (PDF)

11.0 Travel and Expense Management

  • Expense Report Allowance Guidelines by Expense Type
  • Access to the Oracle Expense Management System
  • Reimbursement Set-up
  • Expense Report Creation Finance Approver
  • Expense Report Approval
  • Expense Report Audit
  • International Travel Procedure

View Travel and Expense Mangement (PDF)