Initiate an RFP

If the potential purchase price for goods and services will be $250,000 or greater  and is not a specialized good or service that would require a Waiver of Bid Request, contact the appropriate category team. The team will work on getting formal bids from multiple suppliers, and will start the RFP process.

To initiate a Request for Proposal (RFP) with University Procurement Services, please complete the RFX Intake Form and submit in RU Marketplace. See the instructions and video prior to completion.

Once submitted in RU Marketplace, the RFX form will be routed to the appropriate manager, who will assign staff to work directly with the you on the following:  

Pre-Bid Development

  • Any scope of work that needs to be refined
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Focus team creation
  • Relevant dates (RFP issue date, due date of questions, RFP due date etc.)
  • Scorecard development

After Bid Return

Category Staff:

  • Sets up group folder and provides access to focus team for proposal review

 Category staff guides the focus team through the following:

  • Review of proposals
  • Supplier oral presentations
  • Supplier evaluation and selection
  • Negotiations
  • Contract creation

Related Policy
Procurement and Payment Policy 20.1.11 (PDF)