Waiver of Bid

Initiate a waiver of bid purchase

If an item is $50,000 or greater and can only be purchased from one supplier, the purchase will require the unit to complete a Waiver of Bid Request form.

  1. Confirm that the good or service is not a university-wide contracted supplier.  
  2. If the good or service is not on a university-wide contract, contact University Procurement Services Help Desk to confirm if there is another contract available.
  3. If the purchase is a Waiver of Bid Request, create a requisition in RU Marketplace.
  4. Complete the Waiver of Bid Request Form. See instructions prior to purchase.
  5. University Procurement Services reviews the form for approval, and will contact the unit if there are any issues or questions.
  6. Verify whether there is a separate contract that needs to be to executed prior to purchase order issuance.
  7. Attach form and proposed contract, if required.

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