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We partner with schools, departments, and units to purchase a wide variety of goods and services, from computers and lab supplies to printing services. Here's how we do it.

Purchasing FAQs

Does a supplier need to be in RU Marketplace before you begin the requisition process?

  Yes. If you need to add a new supplier, you will need to send an invite through the Supplier Portal under MyApps.

Do you have to use a contracted preferred supplier?

No, but it is strongly encouraged that you use the University’s contracted suppliers as the first choice of suppliers. In general, you should use the University's contracted suppliers for purchases. The University’s commitments to these suppliers grant quantity pricing, which benefits all units. When you buy through these supplier contracts, you generally do not have to obtain additional quotations, or use the competitive bid process.

It is encouraged to contact the appropriate University Procurement Services Help Desk with any questions about purchasing  products from non-contracted suppliers.

How can I find out which Procurement Services staff member is my liaison?

View the liaisons in Key Contacts or contact University Procurement Services Help Desk for assistance.

How long will it take to process my requisition?

The time it takes to process your requisition depends on the nature of the items you are purchasing and how long it takes your unit to work through the approval process in RU Marketplace. Once your unit approves the requisition, you may track the status by typing your requisition number search field on the top right  of the RU Marketplace page.