Key Contacts

Procurement Administration


  • Susan Ryan, Strategic Sourcing Manager, IT and Telecom
  • Alma Ortiz, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Healthcare and Research
  • Alejandro Salaman, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Business and Professional Services
  • Halyna Hotsko, Associate Director, Strategic Sourcing, IP&O and Athletics
  • Maryse Bloom, Associate Director, Business & Professional Services, Information Technology, and Research & Scientific
  • Wes Coleman, Associate Director, Supplier Diversity & Sustainability
  • Anne Gutsick, Associate Director, University Travel & Card Program​  
  • Gary Kucsan, Associate Director, Accounts Payable 

Campus Liaisons



Types of Inquiries

Contact Information

Procurement, AP, Expense, Help Desk

• Expense Management
• Invoice/Payment Status
• IPO Setup
• Procurement Procedures
• Requisitioning
• Suppliers
• UPS Training

UPS Help Desk

Vehicle Purchase

• Vehicle Purchase
• Trade in used Vehicle
• Delivery of the Vehicle
• Vehicle Suppliers

Payments & Reconciliation

• Bank Positive Pay
• Electronic Payment Authentication
• Gift Card Journal Process
• Journal Entry Processing
• Payments Creation
• Refund Deposits

Non-PO Invoice Processing

• Human Subject Payments
• One-Time Non-Employee Reimbursements
• Petty Cash
• Non-Qualifying Scholarships (formerly Stipends)

Other Services

• Archived Document Retrieval
• Check Distribution
• Copies of Checks
• Stop Payments & Voids