Our Role

We manage the purchasing process at Rutgers through contracting and issuing orders for goods and services based upon requirements for quality, quantity, service, and delivery. We also ensure compliance with policies and procedures and federal, state, and local laws.


  • Advise units on procurement procedures
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Procurement process management
  • Contract review and completion
  • Requests for information, proposal, and quotation
  • Professional negotiation with suppliers
  • Development and management of strategic, university-wide contracts



  • Deliver the best overall value with a competitive bidding process
  • Implement best practices for cost containment
  • Ensure procurement compliance
  • Ensure fair and ethical relationships with suppliers
  • Maintain a diverse supplier base
  • Identify environmentally-responsible purchasing practices


Delegation of Signature Authority

We have been granted the authority to commit funds on behalf of the university. In most cases this is done in the form of a purchase order or contract which binds the university and supplier. Most individuals within units are not authorized to enter into contracts or commit university funds. Doing so is not binding to the university and university employees who sign contracts or agreements may incur a personal liability. Please see the university's Signatory Authority Policy.