Ricoh Ink & Toner Recycling Program

As the University strives to become more sustainable and efficient in our everyday operations, we have partnered with our contracted supplier Ricoh to offer the Consumables Take-Back Program.

About the Program

Ricoh encourages recycling Ricoh branded end-of-life consumables and supplies, such as used toner cartridges.  Recycling used toner cartridges keeps them out of landfills and reduces the environmental impact.  Each cartridge returned to Ricoh will be either used to make a new cartridge, or it will be recycled into other products. 

How to Recycle?

  1. Place Ricoh brand consumables only  into a box that meets UPS shipping guidelines.

    Note: By returning multiple cartridges at one time, you'll reduce the CO2 impact of shipping individual cartridges. Please remove toner cartridges out of individual boxes and consolidate the cartridges into a larger cardboard box.
  2. Complete the Prepaid Shipping Label located on the Ricoh website (click-on red box entitled Prepaid Shipping Label).  Use the applicable Rutgers code, address, and EDP code.  See the example below.

Note: Entering the Rutgers code 76649-0-0 allows Ricoh to track the University’s recycling volume for all campuses.  Ricoh has also created a code for each campus to allow for tracking by campus.  If you would like for your recycling efforts to be included in your campus totals, please enter the applicable location code below.  


        3.  Print the label and place on the box. Box can be dropped off at a UPS shipping location (search for drop off location).

What happens to the ink and toner cartridges?

First, toner/printer cartridges that can be re-manufactured are disassembled, cleaned and inspected using sophisticated testing systems and equipment. Toner/Printer cartridges or components that Ricoh does not re-manufacture or that do not pass inspection are sent to be recycled through the material recovery process into various material streams — plastics, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.