Types of Purchase Orders

A Rutgers purchase order is a legal document that contains a description of a requested good or service and the transaction conditions including payment and delivery terms, for its purchase or lease. 

Once you have placed a requistion order in RU Marketplace and included all needed support forms, University Procurement Services will review your request and issue a purchase order that we (and you) can track through our system. Work cannot be done and goods cannot be received until after we have issued a purchase order.

We use different types of purchase orders depending on what you wish to purchase and its cost.


When shopping in RU Marketplace, you can view "Punch Out" catalogs of some contracted suppliers and order goods right in our system. Once we complete approvals, RU Marketplace generates a Punch Out Order directly to the supplier. Look for contracted suppliers—we've negotiate these contracts to help save you money and make the procurement part of your job easier.  See more details on the punchout order process.

Quick Orders

The RU Marketplace system automatically reviews purchase requests and issues "quick orders" when a requisition is for goods that cost less than $10,000 and meet other criteria. Services cannot be purchased through a Quick Order. A great majority of purchasing requests receive quick orders, as long as they are not blanket orders or muliple smaller orders placed in order to bypass the $10,000 threshold.  See Submit a Quick Order for requisition assistance.

Certain items and services cannot be purchased through a Quick Order.—even if the total costs are below $10,000.  

Among the restricted items:

  • Animals
  • Biological agents 
  • Controlled substances 
  • Equipment that requires a utilities hook-up 
  • Furniture, carpeting, and window treatments
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Imported equipment that requires customs clearance
  • Leases
  • Legal services 
  • Lobbying services
  • Plaques to be affixed on buildings or university-owned property and monuments
  • Professional services
  • Radioactive materials
  • Select agents and toxins
  • Software and Cloud-Based Purchases

Internal Purchase Orders

Within RU Marketplace, you can procure goods and services from other university service units, such as Dining Services. A complete list of active internal suppliers is available on RU Marketplace, accessible through myRutgers Portal. Departments must contact the internal department directly to determine the required type of requisition. We issue internal purchase orders for these Rutgers goods and services.   See details on the internal purchase order process.

Check Requests

We handle a small list of goods and services, such as honoraria and scholarship payments, by check request instead of purchase order. Through RU Marketplace, you can generate a check request, an official request to Accounts Payable to process and issue payment to a supplier for these select goods. You must supply documents to support your check request and explain all charges.  See more details on the check request process.