Initiate a Check Request

When do I use a check request?

Certain goods or services like subscriptions, refunds and honoraria don’t require an Internal Purchase Order (IPO) or a purchase order. Depending on the Payment Type from the matrix, a check request may need to be initiated prior to receipt of the goods or services. Reference the Non-PO Transaction Matrix to see if the good or service can be paid by check request. Password is matrix.

If the purchase cannot be paid by check request, review the Make a Purchase process to determine the best payment method.

How do I submit a check request?

  1. Confirm that the good or service can be paid by check request.
  2. Once confirmed, complete the Check Request form in RU Marketplace.
  3. In RU Marketplace go to the left-hand side Shop menu, then click Shopping
    • Look for Go To under Shopping
    • Under Go To, click View Forms
    • Under Shared Forms, click on the Check Request form
  4. If the payee is not in the system, complete and submit the New Supplier Request Form under Supplier/Request New Suppliers in RU Marketplace.
    • In RU Marketplace click on the left-hand side menu Suppliers, then click on Requests
    • Once in Requests, click on Request New Supplier
  5. Submit the Check Request form. Units paying by wire transfer must follow the Wire Transfer process after completing this form.
  6. Track the check request status in RU Marketplace. Status can be checked by inputting a requisition number, purchase order or invoice number in the search bar on the upper right-hand side of the homepage. Use the Execute a Document Search job aid for assistance.
  7. Accounts Payable prints and mails the check to the supplier after unit approvals.
  8. Supplier receives payment.

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