Non-PO Transactions

Non-PO transactions are defined as a transaction that is not for Goods or Services. Both Check Requests and Non-PO Uploads are considered Non-PO Transactions. The new Non-PO Transaction Matrix confirms if the type of payment should be on Check Request or Non-PO Upload. Remember to click on the white box labeled "Enable Editing" to enable the form.

Check requests are used to request payment for certain expenses that do not require the involvement of purchasing support. 

Check Requests

You can generate a check request in RU Marketplace and provide supporting documentation when submitting a check request. We receive and approve the request and process payment to the supplier. For more information, see the check request process.

Be sure to:

  • Refer to the check request matrix to determine if the request is a purchase order or a check request
  • Use the proper account code
  • Electronically submit required supporting documents with the check request

For Foreign Addresses, an International Wire Transfer Form will need to be completed as well as the Check Request by the submitting department. The department must note on the Check Request that they will be requesting a Wire for this payment, otherwise a Paper Check will be printed, and the department will have to have the payment canceled and restart the process. 


The Non-PO Upload process is a transaction process used for paying individuals rather than businesses. Payment is in the form of a check. In some cases, these payments can also be made by check request. 

Non-PO Uploads

Non-PO Uploads make it simple to submit a payment request for multiple individuals at once and allow you to track the status of the request. The process also ensures that the payments meet University requirements, as well as the IRS rules that govern the taxation of payments to individuals.

This process can be used to pay individuals for:

  • Human subject payments/direct disbursements (to Principal Investigator)
  • Non-employee refunds
  • Non-qualifying scholarships (formerly stipends)
  • Travel and Business Expense Reimbursement for Non-Rutgers/Visitor
  • Petty Cash (pending Accounting approval*)
  • Patient refunds
  • Royalties
  • Legal Payments (OGC USE ONLY)

Please note - if the type of request falls under Non-PO Upload, but it is for a non-US resident, then the individual will need to be setup thru PaymentWorks as a Supplier. The department will need to submit a Check Request and International Wire Transfer for payment.

In order to submit non-PO uploads for payment, you must complete the Non-PO Upload Request Form in RU Marketplace, using the Instructions for Non-PO Upload Requests for guidance.

Effective 9/30/20 end-users will need to use the Commodity Code "Wires, Prepayment, Uploads" on the Shopping Cart page for Non-PO Uploads.