Invoice Processing

Purchase Order (PO) Invoices

Invoices submitted by suppliers are matched with the approved purchase orders generated from the RU Marketplace system, and then paid. 

Invoices with a valid university purchase order are only accepted through email. Paper invoices will not be accepted.

Invoice Submissions

Invoices submitted to must conform to the following:

  • MUST reference a valid Rutgers University purchase order.  Invoices submitted without a valid purchase order will not be processed.
  • Have unique invoice number and invoice date.  No spaces, characters or letters in the invoice number.  Duplicate invoice numbers will not be accepted.
  • If taxable and non taxable items are included on same invoice, separate the total taxable and total non-taxable amounts
  • Rutgers Ordering and Ship-to Contact information
  • Single email attachments (preferred).
  • File must be one of the following file types: .PDF, .DOC/.DOCX, .TIF/.TIFF or .JPEG/.JPG.

Please do not send inquires or duplicate invoices to This is an invoice processing address, therefore you will not receive a response.

Purchase Order Electronic Invoices (e-Invoices)

The preferred method for suppliers with more than 25 invoices per year should be thru RU Marketplace.  Contact Accounts Payable for more details.  

Payment Terms

Rutgers University standard payment terms are 45 days from the invoice date unless the supplier has a signed contract with different terms, any exception to these terms must be reviewed and approved by AVP and Chief Procurement Officer Nimish Patel. Requests must come from a Rutgers Unit Head and not the supplier.


I Have An Invoice, What Should I Do?

Suppliers are instructed on the purchase orders to send all invoices directly to If, by chance, a supplier sends the invoice to a department, the department should confirm the purchase order number is on the invoice and forward the invoice immediately to Departments should not attach invoices to a purchase order or requisition.

Invoices without a valid Purchase Order should be sent to the originating department to obtain a valid PO number.

What If I Don't Have A Purchase Order?

Accounts Payable will not process invoices without a valid purchase order number. 

Invoices without a valid Purchase Order should be sent to the originating department to obtain a valid PO number.

Please be sure to follow the Rutgers University Procurement and Payment Policy.

What if I have to payment to a foreign supplier?

Due to the large volume of checks with foreign addresses being returned to Accounts Payable as undeliverable or lost in the mail. Accounts Payable is now returning checks with foreign addresses non US/Canada to the requesting department for mailing/delivery.

Please note: The best way to ensure payment is received by a vendor in a foreign country is by making payment via wire transfer. It alleviates the possibility of a check being lost and any difficulty the vendor not to initiate a wire may face in processing a foreign check.

When Do I Use A Check Request?

There are a number of items that should be paid via a check request in the RU Marketplace system.

Please visit the Check Request page to see what is allowable for processing on a check request form in RU Marketplace.