Processing Purchase Order Invoices

Departments must receive goods or services from vendors before they send us invoices. Departments should inform vendors to include a valid purchase order number on invoices. Our standard payment terms are net 45 days unless otherwise noted on the purchase order. Rutgers may consider dynamic payment terms during contract negotiations.

Departments and vendors should email invoices to

Invoice Matching and Approval

We are required to match your purchase order number, line detail, quantity, and price with invoice information.

  • If your purchase order information matches the invoice, we will approve and pay invoices.
  • If this information does not match, we will contact you to review invoices.

Departments must notify us immediately if payment should be withheld. In RU Marketplace, you will find purchase order receipts, invoices, and payment information linked to the original requisition.

Be sure to

  • Have enough funds to cover the cost of your purchase order
  • Have a purchase order completed before you receive the good or service from vendors
  • Receive the good or service before the vendor sends us an invoice
  • Have vendors send invoices directly to us
  • Respond to our request to review invoices