Making Purchase

Making Purchases

We partner with schools, departments, and units to purchase a wide variety of goods and services, from computers and lab supplies to printing services. Here's how we do it.

“From Req. to Check”

The online RU Marketplace, accessible through the myRutgers Portal, is a one-stop shop for fulfilling your requests and ensuring payments are made to suppliers. Once your unit's designated preparer has submitted a requisition in Rutgers Marketplace and your approvers have reviewed and approved it, RU Marketplace will process the order.

  • About 85% of requisitions are inexpensive or simple enough for the system to issue a simple purchase order, such as a "punch-out order" for an item covered by one of our supplier contracts, or a quick order, used for orders that total less than $10,000.
  • About 15% of requisitions need more processing. In these cases, RU Marketplace routes the request to one of our five category buying groups.

Our category managers review more complex requisitions and determine based on the commodity and the total cost of requested goods and services, how to proceed with the request. If additional information is required, a member of the category team will contact you.

Once all paperwork is completed by both you and us, the category team will obtain any necessary authorizations and the system will issue a purchase order to the supplier. You can track the process in RU Marketplace.

The supplier fulfills your order and then sends an invoice to our Accounts Payable department. We confirm with you that you've received the requested items, transfer the money from your department's designated account to ours, and pay the supplier.

Categories of Goods and Services

Most university purchase requests are simple and small enough to be handled automatically by the RU Marketplace system but some items require more oversight and documentation. For more costly items and certain services and goods, Procurement and Payment Policy 20.1.11 (PDF) requires us to follow certain procedures as part of the buying process. You may also need to fill out specific information forms.  

We organize buying into five main categories. Purchasing teams for each category can help you navigate the purchasing process.

Some items fall into more than one category. If you are unsure which category your request might fall under, or don’t see it listed on the buying category pages, contact us and we’ll steer you to the right person to guide you.