Pay an Invoice

Once a good or service has been received, the invoice generated by the vendor is ready for payment.

The following steps outline the process for the payment of an invoice.

  1. Initiate the purchase order (See Make a Purchase.)

  2. Receive the good or service.

  3. Wait for the vendor to generate the invoice (with PO#), and send to Invoices should not be sent to the department or payment may be delayed.  

  4. Track the status of the invoice in RU Marketplace. Status can be checked by inputting a requisition number, purchase order, or invoice number in the search bar on the upper right-hand side of the homepage. Use the Execute a Document Search job aid for assistance.

  5. Receive notification from RU Marketplace that the invoice is fully processed and scheduled for payment.

  6. Approve the invoice (if the invoice is $5,000 or greater). Approval will not results in double payment.

  7. Wait for the fully processed and approved invoice to route from RU Marketplace to Oracle Financials. The expense hits the General Ledger (G/L) and payment is received by the vendor according to the purchase order's payment terms and method.    

What is there is an invoice issue?

  1. Notify Accounts Payable via "Comments" in RU Marketplace if a discrepancy is discovered.

  2. Wait for Accounts Payable to coordinate the resolution of the issue, which may include school or unit action.

  3. Follow all notes and remedial actions in RU Marketplace.


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