For Suppliers

Rutgers purchases a wide variety of goods and services, and works with hundreds of suppliers. All purchases are initiated with a Rutgers purchase order. Suppliers must not ship goods or perform services before receiving one. 

If suppliers wish to ship goods or perform services without a Rutgers purchase order, you run the risk of not being paid.

The Competitive Process

As required by Procurement and Payment Policy 20.1.11 (PDF), we follow a competitive purchasing process.

  • For goods and services $10,000 and below: Rutgers departments may generally purchase directly from a supplier through RU Marketplace.
  • For goods and services between $10,001 and $149,999: University Procurement Services or a department will obtain quote(s) in writing.
  • For goods and services $150,000 and above: University Procurement Services will seek formal competition between multiple suppliers. Departments must contact University Procurement Services to initiate this process.

Becoming a Supplier

While there is no formal pathway to becoming a supplier to Rutgers, if you are interested in doing business with us, you can forward an introductory letter along with materials to the appropriate category buying team.

Many suppliers enter our system when they respond to requests for proposals generated by Rutgers departments that we serve.

Construction Suppliers

University Facilities and Capital Planning manages capital construction and related services, including

Please contact Mike Dunn, category manager, for more information.

IMG Marketing Partnership

All Rutgers contracted suppliers are encouraged to participate financially as a marketing partner of the University through a selected menu of mutually agreed upon benefits.  These annual elements will promote the supplier’s participation and support throughout the season.  The elements may include a presence within the University Athletics Department, including but not limited to, “official partner” status, football and basketball radio broadcasts, print advertisements, fixed or temporary signage at Athletic facilities and on-site activation.  For further information concerning the above, please contact John Willi at Tel.: 732-421-2479.