For Suppliers

Electronic Payment and Invoicing Program at Rutgers

Rutgers University offers improved payment terms for suppliers who sign up for electronic payment and invoicing. Electronic methods often mean faster processing and fewer delays, as well as supporting the green initiatives to reduce paper use.  

To take advantage of this offering, an active supplier must be registered with Rutgers to select the ePayment and/or eInvoicing method by completing the form at the bottom of this website. Rutgers Procurement Services will follow up with the supplier.

International Supplier Wire Payment Invoiced in USD - Western Union (Convera) Wire Program

Rutgers has selected Western Union (Convera) to process international supplier wire transfers made in USD for invoices in USD.  The goal is to provide a secure wire request payment process to foreign suppliers and reduce potential fraud.  Benefits include:

Adding A New Supplier

At Rutgers, we have tens of thousands of suppliers are already available for purchasing goods and services in a wide range of commodity categories.  To support discretionary spending, sourcing strategies, and tail spend control, please evaluate the necessary, appropriate, and reasonable discretionary spending framework before inviting a new supplier.

Evaluate whether it is necessary, appropriate, and reasonable to invite a new supplier based on the following:


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