Processing Check Requests

Check requests are used to request payment for certain expenses that do not require the involvement of a purchasing agent. You can generate a check request in RU Marketplace and must submit an explanation of all charges and supply supporting documentation. We receive the request and process payment to the supplier.

Once you confirm that your good or service is eligible for payment by check request using the Check Request Matrix (XLSX) or Check Request Matrix (PDF)  . Remember to click on the white box labeled "Enable Editing". This will enable the form. Please remember to follow the check request process.

​Be sure to:

  • Know whether to request a purchase order or a check for the good or service
  • Use the proper account code
  • Get required unit approvals
  • Submit required supporting documents electronically with your check request

Recent Changes to the Check Request Matrix

Please note that key changes were made to the Check Request Matrix, posted May 2018:

Check Request Matrix (XLSX)

Guest Lecturer and Performer Payment
Guest speaker/lecturer and performer payments must be processed as purchase orders (POs) instead of check requests.

Requisitions should include:

  1. A Statement of Work (or own contract)

  2. Independent Contractor or Employee Determination Form (ICED) (for guest lecturers only)

If pre-payments are required, units should follow the pre-payment process.  

Editor, Transcriber, Proofreader, and Publication Fees
All editor, transcriber, proofreader, and publication fees will now require a purchase order (PO), or an expense reimbursement (for publication fees).  These have been removed from the check request matrix as eligible check request payments.

Clinical Trial Payment
A clinical trial payment will be processed as a Human Subject Participant Payment.

Payment to a Non-Resident Alien (NRA)
All payment requests to non-resident alien individuals must include a completed Payment to Non-Resident Alien form, from Tax Services.  Tax Services must review and provide additional information before the form is submitted by the unit.

Non-Qualifying Scholarship (formerly stipend)
Stipend has been redefined as a “non-qualifying scholarship” that is an expense such as room, board, travel (i.e., conference attendance), research (i.e., thesis research) living allowance for non-employees, or expenses other than qualified tuition and fees, that can be issued in periodic payments. This may include certain types of fellowships. Examples of fellowships may include: undergraduate summer research grants, honors program grants, or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) grants.  A non-qualifying scholarship payment shall not be in exchange for services or jobs.

Units should use the term “non-qualifying scholarship” in place of the word “stipend”.