Non-PO Upload Request

The Non-PO Upload process is a transaction process used for paying individuals rather than businesses. Payment is in the form of a check. In some cases, these payments can also be made by check request.

Non-PO Uploads make it simple to submit a payment request for multiple individuals at once and allow you to track the status of the request. The process also ensures that the payments meet University requirements, as well as the IRS rules that govern the taxation of payments to individuals.

This process can be used to pay individuals for:

  • Human subject payments/direct disbursements (to Principal Investigator)
  • Non-employee refunds (not travel or business expense)
  • Non-qualifying scholarships (formerly stipends)
  • Petty Cash (pending Accounting approval*)
  • Patient refunds
  • Royalties
  • Legal Payments (OGC USE ONLY)

In order to submit non-PO uploads for payment, you must complete the Non-PO Upload Request Form in RU Marketplace, using the Instructions for Non-PO Upload Request for guidance.


Human Subject Payments / Direct Disbursements

A human subject payment is a payment made to the human subject/recipient/ participant in clinical trials. The human subject payment is typically paid to the Principal Investigator by check using the Non-PO Upload. The Principal Investigator will then distribute payment to the human subject recipient. Payments made as gift cards are a separate process. Payments to be made in the form of gift cards should be processed by check request.

Required documentation for check payment to the Principal Investigator (PI):

Required documentation for check payment to a non-employee individual:

  • Units must submit a check request for human subject payments
  • The payment must be made directly to the individual who participated in the study

Required documentation is listed on the Check Request Matrix.

Non-Employee Refund (not travel or business expense)

A non-employee refund is a University-associated fee (not related to travel or business expense) that is paid by the non-employee. This fee should be returned to the non-employee in certain situations. Examples of a refund include, but are not limited to, a fee for a cancelled program, a cancelled class, deposit returns, etc.

Required documentation:

  • Cash Transmittal or;
  • Copy of the check or;
  • Payment information

Non-employee travel or business expense reimbursements, on the other hand, are expenses that are normally paid for by Rutgers, but are reimbursed to the non-employee for out-of-pocket costs (see Travel and Expense Management Policy 40.4.1). You should continue to request travel and business expense funds via a check request.

Non-Qualifying Scholarship (formerly Stipends)

A non-qualifying scholarship is an expense such as room, board, travel (i.e. attend a conference) and research (i.e. thesis research) living allowance for non-employees or expenses other than qualified tuition and fees, that can be issued in periodic payments. A non-qualifying scholarship can also be an expense other than qualified tuition and fees, and may include certain types of fellowships. Examples of fellowships could include undergraduate summer research grants, honors program grants or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) grants. A non-qualifying scholarship payment shall not be in exchange for services or jobs.

Required documentation:


Patient refund

A patient refund is a refund for over payment of a patient account.

Required documentation:

  • Cash Transmittal or;
  • Copy of the Check or;
  • Payment information

Petty Cash

Petty cash is a reimbursement of funds held by the unit, and originally approved by Treasury. All reimbursements are audited by Accounting and forwarded to Accounts Payable for payment.

*Petty cash cannot be issued unless approved by Accounting.

Required documentation:

  • Cash Transmittal or;
  • Copy of the Check or;
  • Payment information


A royalty is a payment for “permission to use” intangible property (i.e. copyright, patent and/or software license). You may also process payment through a check request. Check Requests are preferable when processing a payment, especially for a smaller number of recipients or for non-employees. Employee royalties must be processed through the Non-PO Upload.

Required documentation:

Additional Required Documentation for Non-Employees:

  • Completed W-9 (if US Citizen and resident alien)
  • W-8BEN (if foreign)

Legal Payments (OGC USE ONLY)

This payment option is reserved for the Office of General Council to be used for Non-PO legal Issues ONLY.