Staff Directory

Procurement Service


Procurement Administration

Nimish Patel, Associate Vice President-Procurement and Chief Procurement Officer       
           Maritza Castillo, Executive Assistant                                 848-932-2921 

David Fenkel, Director                                                                                                            
            Patricia Romano, Administrative Assistant                    848-932-0045 

Dennis DeMarino, Associate Director                                           848-932-0029 

Gary Kucsan, Accounts Payable / Crossfunctional Manager  848-932-0087

Anne Gutsick, Manager University Travel & Card Program    848-932-2918

Campus Liaison

Michael Dunn, IP&O                                                                          848-932-0035

Kathryn Kuhnert, RU-New Brunswick and Central Units       848-932-2931 

Susan Ryan, RBHS, OIT and ORED                                                848-932-0021

RU - Newark 

Ida Angelone, Director                                                                       973-353-5459

         AnnMarie Rizzi, Category Analyst                                         973-353-5453

RU - Camden 

Chris Aha, Sr. Catagory Analyst                                                       856-225-6140

Category Managers

Maryse Bloom, Business & Professional Services, 
 Information Technology, and Research & Scientific                848-932-0065

Michael Dunn, Facilities                                                                     848-932-0035

Category Staff:  Facilities

Frank Cocilovo, Sr. Category Analyst                  848-932-2917

Dennis Fountain, Sr. Category Analyst               848-932-2934

Danielle LaSalle, Sr. Category Analyst                848-932-0030                  

Category Staff:  Business & Professional Services, Information Technology, and Research & Scientific

Marcela Crisetti, Sr. Category Analyst                848-932-0036

Giovanna Diguglielmo, Sr. Category Analyst     848-932-2929

CarolLynne Inman, Sr. Category Analyst            848-932-0056

Yvonne Miranda, Sr. Category Analyst                848-932-2928

Jo-Ann Terry-Fails, Sr. Category Analyst            848-932-0055

Sara VecchioSr. Category Analyst                       848-932-2915

Gary Willan, Sr. Category Analyst                          848-932-2913