Booking Travel

Travelers should know their payment options for travel expenses before booking travel. Travelers can pay their travel expenses with personal funds, and may thereafter complete an expense report for reimbursement. Other payment options include putting in a check request for conference fees and hotel reservations and using our direct billing option for airline and rail tickets.

Travel expenses can include:

  • airline and rail tickets, lodging, meals (excluding alcohol)
  • rental vehicles, ground transportation (e.g., car service, taxis, shuttles, and van service)
  • tolls and automobile mileage reimbursement for personal vehicles.
  • airport parking - search Find Products and Services and search keyword "parking" to find an airport parking supplier

Expense Report

Travelers may use personal funds for all travel-related purchases when traveling on Rutgers business. Travelers are encouraged to purchase directly from an airline or rail website as a cost containment strategy.

Travelers can access the Rutgers Expense Management system through myRutgers Portal to submit an expense report once they return from a trip.

A traveler’s expense report must include receipts for travel expenses and a complete business purpose to support the use of University funds. The business purpose must clearly define the benefit to the University. Learn how to accurately report travel expenses to request reimbursement.

Travelers are encouraged to add their bank account information in the Expense Management system. Travelers can expect to receive reimbursement within 48 to 72 hours after imputing their bank account information. Reimbursement is contingent on the business unit and the approval of the traveler’s expense report. Travelers are notified of any problems or issues with their reports through the system, should problems or issues arise.  Travelers should be sure to follow up on the status of their expense reports after submission, to ensure that no additional action is required.

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Check Request

A check request for certain expenses do not require the involvement of a purchasing agent in RU Marketplace. You must supply supporting documents and an explanation of all charges.

  • request a check to pay for conference registration fees and hotel room reservations under $5,000 for individual staff members staying less than 10 nights
  • use a purchase order to make a deposit for a hotel room reservation
  • use check requests for non-employee (student) expenses


Direct Billing Option

Travelers who do not want to use personal funds can use the direct billing option for booking airline or rail tickets. Travelers can purchase airline and rail tickets through one of our preferred travel agencies by completing an online travel order form. The cost of the ticket, including the travel agency's service fee, will be charged to the unit account.

Travel Order Form

Faculty and staff travelers must complete and submit the Travel Order Form to confirm their travel reservations with an approved travel agency.  ​

Within minutes of submitting this form, you will receive via email a copy of the Travel Order Form as a PDF, which must be printed, signed, and scanned to your selected travel agency. 

The completed form must be sent to the preferred travel agency to directly charge the purchase of tickets to the unit account.