How to Buy

The following include the main University buying process, and related processes.  All purchases must be compliant with Procurement and Payment Policy 20.1.11 that governs the procurement of goods and services at Rutgers and ensures that University purchases are made in accordance with best practices and applicable Federal, State and local laws, regulations, codes and ordinances. 

Wherever possible, the University should procure goods and services from suppliers that have active contracts in place with Rutgers.

Before choosing a supplier, the unit should do the following:

  1. Check RU Marketplace or contact University Procurement Services to verify if there is a University contract.

  2. Refer to the University Materials and Logistics webpage to check excess or surplus inventory as an alternative to making a purchase (if no university contract).

  3. Refer to the University Procurement Services’ Supplier Diversity webpage for potential diversity suppliers as a potential source (if no university contract).

After choosing a supplier, the unit should do the following, depending on the purchase:

Professional Services

Have supplier complete Independent Contractor or Employee Determination Form (ICED) if the supplier is providing professional services.  Attach the ICED to the requisition.


  1. Contact  University Procurement Services if the supplier is creating, obtaining, transmitting, using, maintaining, processing, or disposing social security data, credit card data, student data, financial data, protected health information (PHI) or General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  2. Have the supplier complete the Third Party Risk Assessment (TPRA) if the supplier will need to use, process, transmit, store or reproduce University data.  Attach the completed OIT- approved TPRA to the requisition.

  3. Have the supplier complete the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) if the purchase is an electronic or information technology based purchase.  Attach the acknowledgement of approval to the requisition..


Attach a Public Works Registration to the requisition if the purchase is facilities or construction-based.  Review the Facilities checklist

Rutgers Logo, Signature, Marks

Refer to  University Communications and Marketing webpage for clarification and instruction if using Rutgers logo, signature and/or marks.  Attach a document of approval from University Communications and Marketing.

New Contract

Attach a Word version of the proposed Supplier Agreement for review and signature by Procurement Services. Please be advised any agreement that requires procurement authority must be signed by Procurement Services.



Make a Purchase (internal purchase orders (IPO), check requests, and purchase orders (PO)).