How to Expense (Reimburse)

​The University will reimburse reasonable, necessary, appropriate, and approved travel and business expenses incurred by employees, students and guests while conducting University business.   Employee, students or guests are required to follow University policy.  Reimbursements must be submitted within 60 days of incurring expenses.  

All reimbursements of travel and business expenses must go through the check request process in RU Marketplace.  

The University may pay the moving and relocation expenses of new faculty and staff members who are transferred from one geographic location to another.   Moving expenses are the costs of packing, shipping, and storing household goods.  Relocation expenses are the costs of travel for the faculty or staff member and family to the position assigned, including transportation, food, and lodging; travel for trips necessary to secure living quarters; and temporary lodging.

The following links are University processes associated with travel, expense, and relocation: