Initiate a Pre-Payment

Pre-payments are limited cases where payment is required prior to the receipt of goods or services.  The pre-payment process only applies to purchase order-based purchases:  it does not apply to internal purchases (IPOs) or check requests.  Refer to the Make a Purchase process to confirm that your purchase is a purchase order.  

1. Determine the need for a pre-payment.

2. Confirm that the purchase is via purchase order (PO).

3. Follow the purchase order process (it is advisable to include "pre-payment" in the product description).

4. Once the PO is approved, prepare and submit the Pre-Payment Form (with PO#) within RU Marketplace.     

5. Track the status of the pre-payment in RU Marketplace.  Status can be checked by inputting
     a requisition number, purchase order, or invoice number  in the search bar on the upper
​     right-hand side of the homepage. Use the Execute a Document Search job aid
     for assistance.​

6. Wait for Accounts Payable to review, process and send the pre-payment.  

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