Lodging and Meal Questions

1. Are there hotel per diem rates?

No, lodging is reimbursed at 100% of the actual expense for a standard hotel room. The reimbursement must be supported by an original hotel receipt that includes rate, dates of stay, and proof of payment.

2. I prefer to stay at a hotel other than the conference hotel. Will I be reimbursed for my expense?

Reimbursement will be for the negotiated conference hotel rate or the actual expense, whichever is lower.

3. How can I get reimbursed for lodging if I don’t have an itemized receipt?

Please contact the hotel and have them fax or email you a copy of the required itemized hotel folio. A lost receipt form must accompany the duplicate receipt. If a duplicate receipt is unavailable, the lost receipt form may be submitted, but it must include proof of payment

4. Are meals reimbursable?

We reimburse for your meals when you are actively in travel status. We define travel status as traveling

  • for a period of at least 12 consecutive hours, or
  • at least 100 miles from your Rutgers departure point.

When a traveler is not in travel status, meals are considered a personal expense and are not reimbursable.

5. How can I be reimbursed for my meals?

Three meal reimbursement options are available. The selected option must be used for the entire trip. 

  • Actual meal expenses to a daily maximum of $60 when supported by original receipts that include proof of payment.
  • Rutgers per diem at a rate of $50 for all cities, domestic or foreign.
  • IRS per diem rates as published on our Reporting Travel Expenses page. Domestically, if a specific city is not included within the state, the traveler should locate the county and use that rate. The standard Continential United States (CONUS) rate, located at the top of the table, should be used for any county not included on the table. Foreign travel must use the “other” rate for any city not specifically listed within the country.

6. What if only a credit card receipt without itemization is available for a meal?

Credit card receipts are acceptable for an individual’s meal. Meals funded by an account that restricts alcohol must include a statement that no alcohol charges are included in the receipt. If charges for alcoholic beverages were included, they must be deducted from the receipt or charged to an account that permits alcoholic beverages.

7. If a meal was provided by the conference, will I still be entitled to meal reimbursement?

Reimbursement may not be requested for a meal that is included in some aspect of the travel. Per diem must be prorated for any meal provided by any source. Breakfast or lunch reduces the per diem by 20%, and dinner by 60%.

8. How do I account for per diem if one of my meals is considered a business meal?

Per diem should be prorated as with provided meals.

9. What is required for reimbursement of the cost of a business meal that I host?

All business meal expenses must be properly documented with a detailed business purpose, a list of attendees including affiliations, and an itemized receipt with proof of payment.